Rustic Hummingbird Photo Coffee Coaster Set - Denise Bruchman Photography

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 4 Hummingbird Coffee Gifts for Her. 

Grab a set of 4 pink Anna's hummingbird photo coffee coasters and give them as one hummingbird coffee gift or as many as four. These are usable pieces of art that you can put your hot coffee or tea cup on and not worry about wet rings on your desk or table.

* Is a 4 x 4 in Travertine stone tile with its own tones and crevices, so the image appears differently on each tile. Your tiles will appear similar to those shown here.
* Has felt feet to avoid scratching your surfaces.
* Is sealed against moisture damage.
* Can be used for hot or cold drinks.
* Is not dishwasher safe, but can be wiped down with a wet cloth.


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