Migratory Bird Festival Merchandise

This last year was a bit different, but we're glad to bring you some 2021 Harney County Migratory Bird Festival Apparel and Accessories. Buy some swag with the MBF logo, or buy this year's special "Magnus Sparrow" Limited Edition Items. We've got the perfect memento to show that you've completed the infamous Prairie Songs for a Feathered Heart mystery. 

Here's sneak peak at the adventure that awaits you: Magnus Sparrow, an eccentric magnate obsessed with birding, has suddenly vanished. Rumors of a treasure hidden deep in Harney County have started after a mysterious note was found in his office the night of his disappearance. You have been hired as a detective to locate the missing man and unravel his cryptic clues. Word of the treasure has leaked and it has turned this missing person quest into a race against time. 
Intrigue, Adventure, and lots and lots of birding fun awaits for those joining 2021’s Harney County Migratory Bird VIRTUAL Festival!


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