Janni Kerns

Janni makes her home at the base of the Elkhorn Mountains in Baker County. Her beautiful watercolor paintings and graphite drawings have been exhibited throughout the Northwest. She has been drawing and painting most of her life. Janni's preferred subjects are animals, people and plants. She graduated from Oregon State University with a B.S. in Art with emphasis of fine art, graphic design and scientific illustration. The accurate and pleasing rendering of her subjects allows her to push the boundaries of color in her paintings. Janni's use of Watercolor allows her to bring the luminous quality of the outdoors into her paintings. Her paintings and drawings are mounted on cradled supports and treated with archival acid free uv protectant spray and varnished. When not in in her studio she spends as much time as she can out of doors wondering in the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon and the high desert region of South Central Oregon.