Buzzard Ridge Handmade - Marilyn Wilber



Marilyn has been creating and designing for over 40 years.
Born and raised on the high deserts of Eastern Oregon.
She had the privilege to travel overseas during her United States Navy enlistment, learning about old-world architecture and European folk crafts.
During her college years she started her own custom western shirt sewing business and has been creating ever since. A self-taught knitter, Marilyn now designs her own knitwear.
Marilyn has taken to teaching the soft arts as time and demand allow. She believes whole-heartedly that passing on what one has learned is a precious and wonderful thing to give to our younger humans.

" I look to traditional folk crafts and design for my inspiration. My Ute, Irish and Scottish heritage taught me the skills of valuing tradition as well as adapting the contemporary eye for making things that people will love to wear. My Rancher upbringing in Harney County, Oregon has taught me to appreciate everything the High Deserts have to offer."

You will always see one-of-a-kind creations from Marilyn so don't hesitate to get that one item that speaks to you!



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