Krissy Matterson Is This Week’s ‘Artist Behind The Art’

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Krissy Matterson creates rustic furniture and decor by refurbishing abused and neglected pieces. When she isn’t working on projects, Matterson stays busy on her ranch. 

by Mary Kerns
for Burns Times-Herald

When I visited with Krissy Matterson about the rustic furniture and decor that she creates, this is what she said, “I have been living in Harney County for six and a half years. I started refurbishing and building rustic furniture and home decor about four years ago. The Rusty Bucket is the name of my business.

“When I find a new piece of furniture, most times they have been pretty abused and neglected. I just start fixing the broken pieces or replacing them. And as I work on them more, I generally just have an idea pop into my head. I may see the old dresser as a bench with storage or an old stereo cabinet as the bottom of a kitchen hutch. The colors I use depend on demand and what is most popular at the time, but sometimes I just pick a color that calls to me. I work out of a good friend’s wood shop, and she often inspires my imagination.

“I have always lived in the country, and my family loved color and antiques, so I am naturally drawn to older, rustic, and farmhouse-style pieces.

“My favorite piece was a hutch that was built from an old stereo cabinet that was almost destroyed in an abandoned mobile home and was so dirty that anyone else would have seen it as junk. With a cabinet built on top and a lot of love and paint, it turned into something beautiful. When it was posted for sale, the buyers scrambled to get it!”

When she isn’t working on her projects, Matterson works on her little ranch where they raise miniature cattle and work at gentling wild horses and burros .

Regarding the miniature cattle, Matterson said, “We have Irish Dexters, mini Zebu, and Scottish Highlanders.”

I asked her how she finds time to do all of these projects, and she replied that, “Creating is what brings me joy, and we should always find time for what sparks joy in us!”

Matterson’s work can be viewed and purchased at Spark Collaborative Studio, which is located at 341 N. Broadway in Burns, or online at

Spark Collaborative sells and accepts Shop Harney gift cards!


Original article published in Burns Times Herald on December 2, 2020:

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